27 09 2005

A few months ago I was advised to check out BackPack, by David’s post.

I signed up for it straight away and, if I am being quite honest, would be
completely lost without it. It has now become an integral part organising

Basically BackPack is a web based app that was developed using the
Ruby on Rails framework which itself is based on the programming
language Ruby. When you sign up for an account with backpack you area
give the ability, with the free version, to create 5 pages. This article gives some good examples of what exactly can be done with

BaseCamp, created by 37Signals, the very same people that later went onto
create BackPack. The idea behind BaseCamp that of a web based project
management application. I am considering using this to coordinate my Final
Year project, so I will keep you all updated as to how it goes and whether it
is worth a sniff.




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