27 09 2005

Yes, I know what your thinking, it sounds like some war cry or deranged
exclaimation! But you would be wrong. This is what it means

Recently I was lucky enough to be given (for free) a Dell C610 Laptop. It only
came with 128mb ram so I upgraged it to 640mb, that was the easy part. Then
came the decision of what OS I was to run on my lovely new toy!

I was decided on one point, I was not going to be using Window since I already
have my desktop set up with Windows XP Pro. I also thought that a Linux distro
would suit my needs better, owing in no small part to the fact that I would be
using linux alot at university therefore getting experience in it couldnt hurt.

Although I upgraded the RAM the machine was still not by any means super fast
so I was looking for something that was very light weight and quick to load. After
almost opting for SuSe I was alerted to a relatively new debian derivative Ubuntu.

It comes in two flavour, either “boot from cd” or “install to hard drive”. Also, the
entire OS comes on one CD (with a seperate CD for the live version). It
comes with both of the standard desktop environments KDE and Gnome but
there is also the option to install other environments if you want something
even more lightweight. One that I tried out initially was XFce. This is a super
lightweight and very Mac OS like environement however I have recently returned
to using KDE as XFce seemed somewhat lacking in functionality and seemed to
be quite unstable. The stability could be to do with the configuration of my
laptop, although saying that, since running KDE it has not crashed once.

Either way, Ubuntu is definetally worth a try. Let me know how you find it.




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