Uploading Pictures in WordPress

4 10 2005

Brilliant!! I’m not sure whether I missed this initially, or whether this new feature of WordPress,
but it is very handy.

There is a now a nice quick and easy way to upload and add pictures to your WordPress blog.

To upload a picture to display in a post, all you have to do is:

– Click on write a new post then scroll to just below the Post
text box and you will notice a tool bar (see picture below)


– Click on Upload Photo
– In the Image: test box enter the path to the image required, alternatively click browse.
– Then click Browse Attached to display the uploaded image(s)
– Drag and drop the image to the required position in the post and resize as appropriate.

I’m sure you would all have found it easily enough, but I thought I’d
share such a useful tool anyway




2 responses

29 05 2007

how do u take pictures of for example club penguin i know its print screen but then i open up paint how do i get it up there????

31 05 2007

It should just be able to either press ctrl+v or click on the edit menu and paste. THen save it as you would a normal image, then go through the upload steps above.

Does that answer your question or have I missed your point?


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