Uploading Pictures in WordPress

4 10 2005

Brilliant!! I’m not sure whether I missed this initially, or whether this new feature of WordPress,
but it is very handy.

There is a now a nice quick and easy way to upload and add pictures to your WordPress blog.

To upload a picture to display in a post, all you have to do is:

– Click on write a new post then scroll to just below the Post
text box and you will notice a tool bar (see picture below)


– Click on Upload Photo
– In the Image: test box enter the path to the image required, alternatively click browse.
– Then click Browse Attached to display the uploaded image(s)
– Drag and drop the image to the required position in the post and resize as appropriate.

I’m sure you would all have found it easily enough, but I thought I’d
share such a useful tool anyway



27 09 2005

….I think I have been slightly caught out.

Going back to my first post:

” I applied for the account a month or so ago in anticipation that I would
soon have a blog all of my very own. And here it is!!”

Well there was a slight deviation from the truth in that statement. I actually
recieved The Golden Ticket from a very good friend of mine, and fellow
blogger, David Smalley, who, as h rightly pointed out, nuked my previous blog
some time ago.

Anyway my friend, you are now forgiven, and yes I have had the deviant
exclaimation mark problem seen to 🙂

A WordPress.com Golden Ticket!!

26 09 2005

When i recieved my “Golden Ticket” I can honestly say, I know what Charlie felt when
he found the last Golden Ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!

This morning I was honoured to recieve an invite to join the wordpress.com blogging
community. I applied for the account a month or so ago in anticipation that I would
soon have a blog all of my very own. And here it is!!

As I am beginning my Final Year at the University of Leeds reading for
a degree in Information Systems with Management Studies Bsc(Industry), the main
topics featured in this blogs will include Network Security, Web, Technology and
Gadgets, with the very real posibility of some Marketing and other Business topics.

I would imagine the first few posts will be tracking my getting to grips with
wordpress.com and the general experience.

Hopefully this blog will provide some interesting reading in the weeks and months
to come.

All I can really say is watch this space.