Webiste as employee…….?

2 10 2005

The other day I recieved my first coursework assignment of the year :-(. Actaully
this particular coursework looks rather interesting.

We have to design a report and paper-based tool that can help people, with
relatively low knowledge of IT, to analyse the trust of any given website.
While looking some literature in this area I came across a 37Signals post that
talks about how your website should be your best employee.

“Your site should be your best employee. It should be the most knowledgeable,
most polite, friendliest, and most useful member of your team. It should have the
best grasp of language and the ability to clearly explain who it is and why it’s
there to help you. It should especially have good people skills.

Almost all the talk about user personas ignores the most important persona:
The site persona. Your site is the one employee that meets, greets, and helps
more of your customers than any other person on your team — and probably
by a factor of ten thousand.”

I don’t know about you, but I had never thought of a website in these terms, this
info will definetally come in usefull with any further website design/analysis that
I may partake in.


Web 2.0 Directory

30 09 2005

After reading Seth Godin’s post about Emily Chang’s e-hub I
checked it out.

Congrat’s Emily on this excellent site!! A must do for anyone that would
like a chance to try and keep up with Web 2.0 developments!

Definetally a welcome addition to my blog roll

Kiko – Ajax Calender

29 09 2005

After reading an article on SlashDot I tried out a lovely little
Ajax Application, Kiko.

Kiko.is lovely and simple to use, and a great little tool to help with organisation.

Unlike many online calenders, that are generally slow and lacking in
functionality, Kiko is packed with functionality, giving a user experience
akin to any standard desktop calender program (imho).

This kind of application would work well in conjuntion with BackPack.