Where’s WordPress.com gone?

8 10 2005

Last night (23.45 gmt) I attempted to access my wordpress.com admin page
so that I could pour forth some more aimless rambling onto these pages,
where upon I discovered that WordPress.com was no where to be seen!!

Apparently WordPress.com were experiencing some technical difficulties:

“We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, our
technicians are looking into the problem. Please check
back soon”

After a quick look on Technorati I found a blog post (only four
hours old att) talking about the instability of wordpress.com. After
some more searching for blogs regarding this problem, I stumbled upon a
rather opinionated post talking about Scoble moving his
world famous scobleizer blog right here to WordPress.com.

If Mobile Phone Fan is to be believed, then surely Scoble wouldn’t be moving his prestigious blog to this great site?

I for one have had no prior problem with WordPress.com and I hope it stays
that way.

I would also like to welcome Scoble to WordPress.com and hope
you keep up the great blog, I am an avid reader.

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